The World is Full of Khaos

Crazy cat lady,
romance lover
and misunderstood.

Project #1 painting the boyfriends valve color

“I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I’m afraid of.”

—   Joss Whedon (via iwriterandomstuff)

“"sometimes… I feel like i need to tape up my peepee" damn bugs. Lmao ahahahahahahahhahaahah”

kitty thinks being cute is the only way he can get away with things hes not supposed to do.   not gonna work on me mister

im new. so suck it bitch

okay, ive only been here a month. we all make mistakes. clearly your not still on your rag… so stop being a total bitch. you make mistkes too so i dont need the sour attitude. just calmly ask me.. and tell me what i did wrong. dont assume i can remember absolutely everything with this job… youre pretty new too… so get off your high horse and stop bitching

house wife cat
Oh my buddy boy, how i miss you. RIP handsome boy. You were always there for me, from day one you were by my side.

Incoming call troubles.

My last incoming call of the day was insane. I got my first screamer. And when i told her to calm down, oh boy! She sure didnt like that. All i could hear was “WHINE WHINE, BITCH BITCH BITCH, WHINE, BITCH” told her if she didnt stop yelling i would hang up. Well. She did it for me, but not before calling me a bitch. Ahahaha i love people so much


Just because youre on your rag doesnt give you the right to bitch at me. Yeah, i pointed out that youre pretty bitchy today. Suck it up. And admit it. I dont need the attitude today. Wouldnt it be a bitch if i just didnt show up one day and screwed you over. I wont take crap from you… At any time of the day. Fuck you too.